Alice ' s Adventures in Wonderland and Crazy White Rabbit Essay

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The name of the play is Alice in Wonderland. The playwright is Sammy Fain. The two characters I decided to follow were Alice, and the White Rabbit. I decided to follow Alice because she’s the main character and seems to go through a lot. I decided to pick White Rabbit because he seems like a fun character to follow.

Alice is a very curious girl with a huge imagination. She sees the White Rabbit with a stop watch saying that he’s late multiple times. She suddenly has an urge to follow this white rabbit. “How cool is that! I wonder what the right thing to say to a talking rabbit?” “What’s up, doc? No, huh? Uhm, I mean… hi, my name is-“ p.23 “Should I or shouldn’t I?” p, 29 The White Rabbit doesn’t say much at the beginning but “I’m late” and he’s always in a rush.

n the middle of the play Alice is in Wonderland and her main objective is to find the White Rabbit and ask him why he’s late. She has a lot of obstacles to reaching that goal though. She tries introducing herself to the White Rabbit but he doesn’t pay attention to her. “Oh there you are. My name is-oh, wait. I mean, how do you do, my name is-“ p. 49 The White Rabbit mistakens her as his maid Mary Anne. “Mary Anne, Mary Anne, hurry, I can’t find my gloves.” P. 49 “Marry Anne? I should think I know my own name! Boy, I never knew rabbits could be so pushy. Next I’ll be taking orders from my pet iguana.” P. 49 The White Rabbit’s goal is the same to not be late to his event.

Near the end of the play we find out the White Rabbit was going to be late to his job working for the Queen of Hearts. That’s why he was in such a hurry. “Attention, attention, inhabitants and subjects and all other direct or indirect objects of Wonderland: fall to your knees and tremble before her majestic majesty, her royal regality, yes folks, your favorite monarch of mean and mine, The One, The Only, Queen of Hearts!!!” p, 76 Alice’s goal now is not to find out about the White Rabbit. Her goal is to go home. We find out that it was all a dream. “She’s going to cut