Aliens: Adam and Eve and Exile Narration Description Essay

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Tomas Alvarado
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Subject: Exile Narration


Process Analysis

The Book of Genesis tells the story of Adam and Eve, the first man and Woman to walk the Earth. They were placed in the Garden of Eden, from where they were subsequently expelled from later on. They were expelled due to Eve disobeying God, whom had instructed both of them to not eat the fruit from a particular tree in the garden. Eve was tempted to do so by a serpent, who promised her that she would become just as powerful as god. As she ate the fruit she passed it to Adam, who was unaware, damning them both. After they ate, they were both now aware of their nakedness, leading them to cover themselves and hide from god. After God finds them and becomes aware of their disobedience, he expelled both of them from the Garden of Eden, condemning Adam (Man) to work hard his whole life and Eve (Woman) to create life through painful childbirth.

Definition Exile is when someone is separated from his or her country or by the force of circumstances. The forces that cause one’s exile can range from a heated argument to murder. When one is exiled, they are removed and banished from their native country and left to wander out into the remaining world by themselves. Though an individual can no longer be technically exiled from his/her country, due to article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile”, it still remains in many 3rd world countries, especially involving deposed heads of state that leave due to a change in government.

Comparison and Contrast Even though both of the following words share some form of connection, exclusion does not directly mean exile. When one is excluded from something, they are left out of an event or engagement. One can be excluded from one thing, but included in another. This is the key