Aline Deneuve Case Analysis Essay

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Case Analysis: Aline DeNeuve
The case upholds Aline DeNeuve’s conversations with some of the employees of her workplace regarding the relevancy of taking a business retreat, and what expectations and outcomes can come out of it. After going through the talks with her employees, it can be clearly stated that the management system of the firm is broken down as the low morale and attitudes of the staff are deeply shocking. This mainly caused due to perception error among the employees and their higher ups.
Heather, one of the employees, showed her resentment towards her supervisor because of not promoting her. She attributed his boss’s decision directly to the notion that he doesn’t like foreigners (Heather is Chinese) and completely
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As for Alison, her remarks can be clearly explained by the EVLN model of job satisfaction. According to the model , Alison strongly believes that the organization should not promote inter-office dating. This statement is due to her strong religious belief. As she is trying to recommend ways to improve a certain situation or in other words stating formal grievances, this is clearly an example of job dissatisfaction.
Richard’s reaction towards the retreat was exactly the opposite of the rest. From his stated points regarding the trip, it can be stated that he is an employee with high morale, and his relationship with the organization is positive.
There can be a lot of solutions to these problems within the organization which are regarding perception, stereotyping, stress management etc. By engaging in organizational citizenship behaviours, we can increase cooperation and helpfulness amidst employees by creating a socially fit environment within the organization. By assisting, sharing and adjusting among each other, it will bring about a fruitful outcome within the workplace. Different socialization program regarding creating a good relationship among the employees despite different age, race, sex etc. can actually increase workplace harmony.
Management can remove the idea of discrimination or prejudice in the workplace by meaningful interaction among employees; improve our self-awareness in order to minimize the perceptual biases that take place. This can be done by