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Alisha Nicole Bernard
175 George II HWY S.E.
Winnabow NC 28479
(910)228-1553 (910)262-8703
My objective is to be a dental assistant and continue practice as well as learn more where I can grow professionally and personally. I am also seeking challenging opportunities where I can fully use my skills. I want to excel in this field and gain more experience to help this company and surpass its goals.
South Brunswick High 2001-2005
Brunswick Community College CNA, Phlebotomy Certifications 2006-2008
Miller Motte College Dental Assisting, Associates Degree in Applied Science 2014-2016 WORK OF EXPERIENCE
Detention Officer
Brunswick County Detention Center June 2012-present
-Perform hourly rounds
-Supervise and control inmate behavior during the operation of the detention center; or restrain by force if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints.
- Exercise appropriate judgment in handling of special needs situations or inmates; provide assistance in classification of inmates.
- Perform searches of people, vehicles, mail items, objects capable of concealing contraband, buildings, indoor and outdoor areas which may involve feeling or detecting objects, walking, kneeling, bending or stooping for long periods of time.
-Maintain inmate property and storage - Collect, resolve and/or direct to appropriate individual or division, inmate complaints, grievances or requests
-Observe and control visitors and inmates prior to, during and after visits
-Report facility mechanical failures
-CPR certification
Meter Reader
Grid One Solution/ Utility Meter Services Dec 2011-June 2012
Read electric, gas, water, or steam consumption meters and enter data in route books or hand-held computers.
-Upload into office computers all information collected on hand-held computers during meter rounds, or return route books or hand-hand computers to business offices so that data can be compiled.
-Verify readings in cases where consumption appears to be abnormal, and record possible reasons for fluctuations
-Update client address and meter location information.
-Leave messages to arrange different times to read meters in cases in which meters are not accessible.
-Report lost or broken keys
Bartlett Inc./Duke Energy May 2010-August 2011
-Dust furniture, walls, machines, and equipment.-mop plant floor
-keep track of radiation contamination
-Replenish supplies such as mops, writing supplies, and bathroom items.
-Gather and empty trash around entire plant
Lab Technician/ Phlebotomist
Wilmington Health Associates June2008-January 2009
-Prepare the laboratory equipment and specimens for tests

-Collect patient’s body fluids for lab test and analysis

-Analyze and record test results in order to issue reports that utilize graphs, charts, and narratives

-Perform blood counts and blood tests for transfusion purposes
-Draw Blood


August 2001-June 2005 South Brunswick High School Boiling Springs Lakes, NC
College Prep
June 2006- May 2008 Brunswick Community College Bolivia, NC
Phlebotomy/Nursing Assistant certification

References available upon request Qualities and Skills
Graduated with a 4.0 from Phlebotomy program
In 2008, I received a 4.0 in my phlebotomy program
Exceptional at calming a hostile patient/person
In jail, when a person is freaking out, we’re trained monthly on different ways to calm an inmate, or a newly arrested person.
With drawing blood under my belt, often times you’re required to calm patients by talking calmly them about how child birth hurts worse than a needle stick or anything to take their minds off of the obvious.
Outstanding interface with computers
I’ve used computers all my life, and study