Essay on Alkaline Battery and Aa Battery Holder

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How to make a DC motor :

Materials needed:
1” X ½” X 10” wood base – holds all the supplies
Magnet – gives off magnetic force which contributes to spinning the copper wire
3 paperclips – 2 of them hold the copper wire and 1 of them is used as the switch
3 wood screws – holds the paperclips
3 washers – holds the screws in place
2 AA batteries – powers the DC motor
AA battery holder – holds the batteries which power the DC motor

Steps: Drill 3 holes into your block of wood Put your screws in after placing the washers first Take 2 of your paperclips and use pliers to bend them make the shape of the paperclip so that it can hold the copper wire over the magnet
Take your copper wire and wrap it around a circular object and once it is completely wrapped around take it off
Glue or tape your magnet on to the wood base , right in between two of the paperclips
Take your other paperclip and use your pliers to bend it and place it on the third screw and make sure it can touch the second screw
Put your AA batteries into the double AA battery holder and glue the AA battery holder onto the wood base take one wire sticking out of the AA battery holder and wrap it around the 3rd paperclip and the other wire around the 1st paperclip
Take your copper wire and scrap all of the insulation off of one side and half off of the other

It was necessary to scrap the insulation completely off of one side and half off the…