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Mercedes Pearson
Mr. Stallworth
EN 101
14 November 2014
Defining Who Mercedes Pearson Really is from the Perspective of her Subconscious
When an individual overhears the name Mercedes the first object that comes to mind is a German automobile; however, Mercedes is a divine name that represents compassion or forgiveness that individuals show towards someone who is within one’s power to punish or harm. As an individual I feel as if my name defines me perfectly because I am very compassionate, but I have a problem with telling people no, so many individuals tend to take advantage of my kindness which results to me giving more and receiving less which than leads to me being without certain essentials because I was putting someone before myself. Furthermore, I have a magnetic personality, but one of my flaws is sensitivity which always escalates into me getting frustrated about minor things or either leads to me taking things personally. I do not surround or classify several individuals as my friend because I have problems with trusting individuals due to the fact of people trying to imposing as a true friend but then turns into a traitor. I tend to have problems with having a pessimistic attitude towards anything I do in life because I always feel as if my work ethic it is not worthy enough or as if I have to prove that I am just as good as anybody else or even better. I am a very predictable person, so when things change it is challenging for me to cope with because the