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Confident? more like cocky. He fakes intelligence. Has a great social life, and thinks he can get any girl. On the outside this is what people see me as. I am often labelled as a textbook "popular kid". I don’t particularly appreciate this categorization, because along with this title comes prejudice adjectives such as "jerk", or "idiot", and that is the appropriate side of things. This brings me to describe the real story behind who I truly am beyond the surface.

I was born in Slemani, Iraq, where my parents developed a vision. This vision consisted of a better life, not only for themselves but especially for me. Although the idea was doubtful, they dreamed to raise me in a place where I wasn’t exposed to war, death, dictatorship, and gender inequality. That place was Canada. They wanted a proper education that would fuel me mentally to become the best version of myself, an environment where I could learn to love, create, and give back. The journey here was difficult to say the least, but my driven parents knew the dream wasn’t far from becoming a reality. With impractical amounts of patience my parents pulled through and their son would soon become a Canadian Citizen.

I still think back on it today. I am beyond lucky to have had the opportunity to live in a beautiful place and I am aware of my blessing, that is why I'm ambitious. My ambition has lead to me to put 110% into anything I find passion for. These hobbies range from arts to athletics, specifically my love for lifting weights and playing basketball. This originated from my aspirations to become fit. In 2011-2012 I was morbidly obese weighing 220 pounds, until one day I decided to change my whole lifestyle. I proceeded to go through 6 months of hard fought training and dieting; as a result I reached a healthy weight of 160 pounds and had abs for the first time in my life. Don’t be mistaken, I'm not bragging about my accomplishments, but my past has engraved a competitive nature into my mind. I want to be the best at everything I do, whether that’s making a friend, making a shot, or making a change in this world. I do not take time for granted, and I want to maximize the value of every second. I was raised to do great things. I owe it to my parents; and I will make them proud.

It astonishes me the number of people I face almost daily that misinterpret my lifestyle, mindset, and intentions. When I am underestimated I am disrespected. People seem confused when I share my goals, and how important my education is to me. They need