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Monique Ellzey
Nursing 205
March 7, 2013
Journal Entry #4
I read one of Hudacek stories in her novel and in this story she uses Roy’s theory with her patient. To elaborate more of what Roy’s Theory, she was all about “Adaptation”. Meaning, being open and having a living system using adaptation to meet biological, psychological, and social abilities. Which was mainly Roy’ perception of the holistic view of the patient. In
Hudacek’s story, was about an adolescent boy who went to the hospital because of symptoms of influenza. Later, the nurses and his doctor later detected serious issues with his health through a lot of evaluations and testing. All the testing and evaluation, the doctor came to decision that it wasn’t influenza; his symptoms stem from being diagnosed with Leukemia. His symptoms were nausea, headaches, and joint pain. To disclosed the nurse (RN) name, she was angel sent from above. She covered all her steps of procedures, tasks, and medical attention of his diagnosis. After that, she focused on his biological, psychological and social abilities outside of his medical issue. She made his room and environment as comfortable as possible.
There was no family around; not even mentioning of his family because he was frightening. Of course the nurse called his mother and she then arrived at the hospital, so that the doctor can tell and discussed his diagnosis to her, which is the hardest part of a doctor’s job. At the same