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-1 All Day Schedule

7:00-7:30 (Preparation time) - As the teacher arrives she will turn on all the lights, computers, open blinds, etc. Then she checks the room for trash and broken toys. Next she will refill supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Finally she prepares interest centers. Interest centers include: Art center, Library center, Music center, Toys and Games, and Computer center.

7:30-8:00 (Planning time) - The teacher will review her plans for the day. Think about any changes or altercations (due to weather, etc.) that need to be made, and organize materials needed.

8:00- 8:30 (Set up breakfast) - Bagels, fruit, doughnuts, cereal, juice and milk are placed at the table/breakfast area. Plates, bowls, cups, silverware, napkins are provided. Children will serve themselves after washing their hands.

8:30-9:00 (Children arrive) - Greet parents and have them sign in. Help children store their belongings, wash hands, and serve themselves breakfast.

9:00 9:15 (Group meeting) - Talk with the children about the days activities/theme, Let the children share any news or show and tells. Children need to make their choice for lunch and get into groups.

9:15-10:00 (Group Activity)-
Name of activity- Rainforest Animals
Topic of Focus- Activity includes the subjects of science, social studies, math, and language arts.
Materials needed-
Ÿ Map of a rainforest
Ÿ Picture of a rainforest- with animals placed in correct places
Ÿ 2 white Poster boards
Ÿ Markers/crayons
Introduction- Explain that the purpose of the assignment is to help them learn about the rainforest and express themselves. Make sure all students are listening and tell the students the tropical rainforest is home to 2 million insect species, 10,000 plants, 2,000 species of fish, and 600 mammals. Show them the rainforest located on the map.
Presentation- Students will learn about the rainforest through art, and visual aids. Students will express themselves creatively.
Ask the children-
(Who can tell me what the two levels of the rainforest are?)
Answers: Forest floor and Upper Canopy.
(Does anyone know what animals might live on the forest floor?)
Answers: Jaguars, Frogs, snakes, etc.
(Does anyone, know what animals might be found in the upper canopy?)
Answers: Monkeys, birds, butterflies, etc.
Students will take time before drawing to think about what they would see, touch, smell, taste, and hear in the rainforest.
The students will make a poster of the rainforest with the animals where they belong.
Conclusion- Students will present their posters, explain what animals they chose to draw/why, and where the animals are located in the rainforest. Students will then hang their posters in the room.
Ask the children- (What they learned about the rainforest?)
(I wonder how the animals move/get around in the rainforest.)

10:00 10:20- (Snack time) - Each child will wash hands and get seated for snack. Two volunteers will help pass out snack/drink. Children can chose between cheese balls or cookies for snack and fruit punch or milk for drink.

10:20-10:35- (Clean up/ Bathroom break) - Help children put away materials and take turns using the bathroom. Only one girl and one boy will go to the bathroom at a time.

10:35-11:15- (Group activity)-
Name of activity- Rainforest Dancing
Topic of focus- Music and Dance
Materials needed-
Ÿ Rainforest music
Introduction- Students will learn the movements of the animals in the rainforest through music and dance. The activity consists of students experimenting with movements to “rainforest” music,
Presentation- The teacher will announce some of the movements, and the students will experiment with these movements to music.
Ask the children-
(Who can tell me, what are some of the movements that animals on the forest floor might make? Answers: run, hop, slither etc.
(What movements might the animals in the upper