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All have to go If you are one of the numismatists, you will feel interested in my coin collection, so you need to hurry to check out my stuff! I have been in love with collecting a coin when I was a high school student. The history of the coin fascinates me, and I felt interested in collecting a coin. My coins come from different countries and have been a long live. All my coins have different materials like silver, copper, gold, nickel, zinc… They all covers with a beautiful color: yellow, red, white, gray, blue… Some of them have the shiny bling bling thing cover on the top. It’s a part of the design that makes the coin has more enthralling than other. The shapes of the coins are various: circle, ellipse, pyramid, square… The images on the coins are very different; they come from an individual design. They have an unusual image on both sides some look amazing, some have a statue on them, and some of them have an old country that you haven’t seen before. All the coins have the birth year on them; I have a couple of different years that I would like to keep to remember. They all have their own value; they sometimes can help you to make a good decision. An amazing part is they have a beautiful sound that you can play with. Some people like using the coins to make a sound. Some of them have a comfortable feel. If you touch it without open eyes, you will feel the image showing in your mind like a cool picture in front of you. Some of my coins are having a short story when I