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The Trip of My Life

The Trip
The day was July 11, a Wednesday, and excitement was in the fresh evening air with the crisp air surrounding us. Man, I can’t believe I can’t believe I am actually going to the northeast,” I told my brother who was sitting next to me while we watched the amazing USA soccer national team play. My very large family was getting ourselves ready for the trip that we had wanted since the earliest of May when we were told about it. We waited for Dad to stop his snoozing so we could go, but we knew he needed it for the long trip ahead of him. I remember from that very humid night not being able to go to sleep because it was a very hot night. I could tell of the humidity for my clothes were soaked in sweat and were sticking to me in a very odd way. At long last Dad woke up from his dream, and my mother had come to wake us up. “Time to get up,” she told us, but I just moaned, “I said get up and get dressed not get up and whine.” I could feel my long thick hair standing up on end making look as if I was the son of Einstein. Feverishly I tried to pat it down but my hair was putting up a fight. Finally I gave up and just left it alone. I still felt a little sleepy for not sleeping much that night, but I was still able to drift into a little sleep for the trip. I followed my mother to the big van in our front yard clutching my wallet, a gift from my sister Brandi. One by one we filed into the van like ants to a picnic. The 15 passenger van was so big I could finally have my own seat instead of sharing one seat; we wouldn’t have to go hundreds of miles squished and yelling at each other. My Brother pushed me into the van as it was my turn, and as I got in my little brother tripped me. I got mad for seconds until I just dropped it and sat in my seat. I could tell from that very moment that this was going to be a fun trip. We started by praying with Dad like we always did and off we were driving for Pennsylvania. The trip would take us eight hours, five hundred miles. We had forgotten to eat that morning because we left so early so we went to McDonalds to eat. My mother ordered us a sausage sandwich. After we were dine we left for our trip again. When we finally took off again we had to stop and go to the bathroom every 15 minutes at a nice service plaza. We finally would get done and leave for Gettysburg. On the way we passed by many great cities like Pittsburg. Finally we were in Gettysburg and we were all happy to finally be there. Until we got to the KOA campground my dad was pointing out what were the Blue Ridge Mountains, they were named this because of what looked like a blue tip at the top. The mountains were the first I had seen in real life and they were huge. Dad told us that the confederates went along the mountains to hide their whereabouts from the opposing union. Finally we came to our KOA campground that we were staying at. At the entrance we saw two wooden statutes, one was a confederate and one was a union officer.

When we got to Gettysburg we set up our tent quickly so we could see the different stores they had so we could buy stuff. Before we left my mother loves to take pictures so she took pictures of us on the big rocks or boulders that were there. When we got to the town we parked our car to look at the