All Quiet On The Western Front: An Analysis

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The novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, explains how the people and the soldiers dealt with WWI. It gives the readers an insight of what it felt like to fight on the Western Front, which the German Army made. This war that began on July 28, 1914, ended on November 11, 1918. On a daily basis, soldiers had to watch people like their comrades die. Fighting for this war forever will haunt them, and they will never be the same person they were before the war. Paul Bäumer is a German fighter that has had experiences encountering the military force of Germany, the insanity of modern warfare, and friendship involving with the other soldiers. First, Bäumer experienced the military force of Germany’s destruction. On the last day, the English had fired on them, and they came back with 80 men, (pg. 2). This war left many soldiers wounded, and Bäumer is realizing that his life is uncertain at the front. The men may seem all tough, but behind their bravado, they’re scared. Bäumer …show more content…
This war has developed a new bond between the soldiers and their surroundings, (pg. 60). Bäumer dreams about a garden fête, but he suddenly wakes up crying. Kat comforts him, and tells him it was only a explosion. He realizes that he’s not going through this alone, and he has his comrades to deal with the issues of the war. Before Müller died, he asked Bäumer to hand down his pocket-book and boots after he dies, (pg. 279). Bäumer keeps this promise, and this shows how devoted they were to each other until the end. Kat, Bäumer’s last friend that has survived in the army, has been shot. Bäumer tries to save his last friend by carrying him to get help, but as he arrives he finds out that Kat is dead, (pg. 289-290). Kat and Bäumer were very close out of all the other comrades, and this really showed how strong their friendship was. Fighting in the war had many downs, but because of this, the soldiers made a new