All Quiet On The Western Front Analysis Essay

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Book Analysis: All Quiet on the Western Front

Erich Maria Remarque’s war novel All Quiet on the Western Front was one of the most iconic war stories written about World War I. The novel covers the years of the war starting when Paul, the main character, is drafted in and ending with Paul’s death in October of 1918. It is centered on death and the emotions of young, innocent men sent way to fight for their country. People across the world consolidate with the novel, as it was translated in over twelve different languages and had a film made over it in 1930. The pain conveyed throughout the book and the heartrending conclusion pull readers in, especially once realizing that Remarque is writing from experience.
Remarque was born in Osnabruck, Germany in 1898 and attended the University of Munster, but was drafted into war at the age of eighteen. He fought on the western front (hence the title of his novel) and was injured a total of five times during his years at war, finally obtaining a
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Remarque experienced the war and most of the events that happened in the novel happened to him in a certain way in real life. The novel is written in his own words and based on his true experiences therefore making it so that the novel is a primary source of Remarque’s time at war. All Quiet on the Western Front captures the coldness that overall creates an irony of World War I. Remarque understood how to get his information out to the people of true life events and make it as though readers were there experiencing the pain with him. Remarque clearly gets his point across about the dangers of sending young men off to war at such young ages and why humans in general should not be forced to go through such a thing. The world should never be forced to believe that the Western Front is quiet if any man gets killed, whether it just be one man or