All Summer In A Day Analysis

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“Do the scientists really know? Will it happen today, will it?” A quote from Ray Bradbury’s story “All Summer in a Day”. This story, “ All Summer in a Day” is about a young girl named Margot. During Margot’s early childhood, she lived on Earth, although when she was four years old, her family moved to Venus. Margot had seen the sun every day, vibrant and attractive, relinquishing it’s boiling hot gasses down onto the Earth. Once Margot moved to Venus, the sun had vanished. All that was outside the hazy windows was rainfall. It poured for days upon days. Margot soon was informed by the teacher and her classmates, that the sun only appeared for two hours, every seven years. Throughout the time that Margot had been in the school, she had realized she did not belong there. The classmates were very explicit, in showing that Margot did not belong. All along Margot had felt detached from …show more content…
Such as, “ I think the sun is a flower, that blooms for just one hour.” Is an example of a metaphor. An explanation on why this quote is important is because, it states and visibly shows that Margot loves the sun and cannot seem to forget about it, or leave it in the past. Another example of Ray Bradbury using literary devices is, “ But they were running and turning their faces to the sky and feeling the sun on their cheeks like a warm iron,” is an example of the simile. The reason why this quote is important because it shows how much the children enjoy being out in the sun. But, since they cannot see the sun every day, it makes the moment so much more special to them. Most of the other families cannot allow or have enough money to bring their children to Earth. The children held in and bottled up their jealousy, and instead chose to greatly dislike her due to her