All Summer In A Day Characterization

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In the short story, “All Summer In a Day”, by Ray Bradbury, the main character is a nine-year old girl, named Margot. Margot and her classmates live on the planet Venus, where the sun only comes out for an hour every seven years. In the story, Margot is looked upon differently by her classmates; they feel that she cannot be trusted because she is more reserved than themselves. As a result of this, the other children bully her. They even go as far as to lock her up in a closet during the only time the sun is out. When people believe that someone is an outsider or not like them, this can lead others to treat them in a cruel way, and to not trust them.
The other children feel that Margot is an interloper, thus she cannot be trusted. Margot describes what she remembered the sun was like when she lived on Earth, but the other children feel that they cannot trust what she says, “‘It’s like a penny,’ she said once, eyes closed. ‘No it’s not!’ the children cried. ‘It’s like fire,’ she said, ‘in the stove.’ ‘You’re lying, you don’t remember!’ cried the children. But she remembered and stood quietly apart from all of them…” In this part, the children do not believe that Margot is telling the truth they think that she’s making it up. Her classmates do this because they believe that she is an outsider, thus she is
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It can be very difficult for someone to trust a person who is not like them. When this happens, it can cause someone to act very cruel towards that person, and to not trust them. Even if that person has been more of an introvert than others would like them to be. This is clear in “All Summer In a Day” The brutality against Margot could have been avoided if the other kids had been able to control their feelings of uncertainty. In the end, Margot suffered because the other children were not able to put away their suspicions. By doing so it caused them to act in horrendous