All Summer In A Day Summary

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The short story All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury teaches the reader that jealousy can scramble people’s thoughts and actions. This theme is repetitively being supported by the text by when the kids are harassing Margot purely out of jealousy.
The theme: jealousy can scramble people’s thoughts and actions, is being backed up many times but one of the supporting times is when Margot is in school. For a project, the students have to come up with a poem about the sun. As Margot recites her poem which consisted of what the sun was like, the other students called her a liar even though they knew that Margot had seen the sun previously in her life. This shows that even though the students knew that she was telling the truth, she was called a liar. This is an example of what symptoms jealousy brings.
Other people may disagree. Some readers may say that the other students only called liar because they must have had a bad day. But that is wrong. These students are repetitively harassing her. If these other kids were having a bad day, they must have a bad day every day. Also some people might disagree with the theme altogether saying that the theme could be that the theme could be the power of desire. That is also incorrect because. Even though the other kids wanted to see the sun so bad, they didn’t bully Margot out of
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But shortly after they did that the sun came out. Since this was a once and seven year opportunity, the kids all ran out to enjoy it while Margot was in the closet. After the sun went down again, the students remembered that Margot was still in the closet. This means that when they were so jealous of Margot for seeing the sun and when they finally got what they wanted, they totally forgot about Margot. This means that their thoughts were scrambled so they didn’t remember her when they were frolicing around in the