All The Pretty Horses Essay

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Ashlynn Burch
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19 March 2014
All the Pretty Horses Essay

In the book, All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, society is based on its economic and social class structure, and common views. During the colonial time period, the west was viewed as a place of opportunity filled with riches and the growing of the western civilization.
But as the years went on, a change in economic stability was underway as the once wealthy westerners lost their money and struggled to maintain their ranches.

The ranch at which John Grady resided at was losing profits and became a financial burden, so John’s mother sold the ranch and because of this, John left Texas to embark on his new adventure to get away from the economical and family drama. Economics plays a big part in influencing John’s decision as he didn’t have many other options since there was no other reason for him to stay. The ranch was his entire life after all.

“Farm life was hard work for everyone, where farmers and their families constantly were engaged in hard, physical labor” (Michener). There were constant threats of storms and droughts which often threatened the lives and conditions of the farm and those who inhabited it. Children usually had responsibilities too, working in the field or helping their mother or grandmother with

household chores. Despite the hard work and conditions that the family of a ranch had to endure, weekends were spent at farm auctions, church, or going