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Batai-French, eventually stops producing art altogether and works as a philosopher and writes. “Solar Anus” “Story of the eye” advocates the emerging of high and low (formlessness) writing a pornographic novel that has significance in high artistic merits. Publish magazines organized by use. Running with idea that you can do wth marquee desade (French nobleman) imprisioned for radical ideas of the use values of bodies and alternate ways of using them. Sadism (comes from here)

-actual alteration and physical intrusion on their body,
68 is may riots 89 fall of rome put two separate things, together they mean something together, not just appropriating but meaning something different. (use the painting) freedom of nature , tying political activity and leisure activity together

des tremonte, intervene through daily life in order to “denaturalize” changing how you see it . Jacques villegle “anonymous drip painting” 1967, guy debord: the naked city, and psycho geographical map

signifier/signified (operate together in element called the sun) jackson Pollock. Red arrows signify guy debord. Debord is trying to destabilize the function of the map. One situationalist tactic is some derive. Free automatic writing (like surrealism) a way to move around the city that is by impulse than economic concerns (map) revealing the way society is constructed

instead of leaving that fact that you’ve run over blatant or unrecognized, we can make it rise to consciousness.…