Allbright Wastes: Business Analysis

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My business Allbright Wastes is a company that wants to make the future brighter literally. Allbright wastes is all about converting paper towels, tissue paper, and even toilet paper into ethanol. People waste tissue paper and paper towels everyday so why not put it to use. Paper towels and tissue paper consist of Cellulose which can be converted into glucose which can then be turned into ethanol. With the demand of ethanol being so high normal sources such as corn, sugar cane, and potatoes are all getting used up pretty quickly which causes two problems. The first problem is we could run out of our food sources which leads to the second problem running out of our fuel sources. My plan is to try to make this concept look like a fun thing so that we can appeal to many ages and attract plenty …show more content…
Our business building is made up of a bunch of fun ways people can get rid of their wastes. We have a basketball court with bins under the nets that way people can bring there wastes and play a game to get it into the bins. On the inside we have a lot of game stand where people need to throw there tissues into a bucket to get a prize of turn in some waste they use to play the games. We made this attraction like a carnival but by using waste as the currency or as the fun we can get people to bring there waste here and have a family fun day. Now in doing this you may be wondering how do we make money from this? Well we sell food and have movie nights charging 5-10$ for the families to come see the movies. We also have family fun nights were you can bring your family and come see some bands or magic shows for around 40-50$ per family. They also have to pay parking on those nights. Once we get enough waste we begin to convert the waste into ethanol and sell the ethanol to local companies hopefully making a profit of about 50,000$ for about 10-20