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September 20, 2012
Hard Times Allegory The long string of people seemed to stretch on endlessly. Indeed, even the cold, hard floor of the massive bank seemed to bow under so many bodies. I marveled as I watched men, once so wealthy and respectable, now stooped so low that they were begging for money. As I watched, the first to approach the bank teller’s window was a shabbily dressed man with a dark complexion and a well-trimmed mustache. Although he was altogether neat in appearance, it was plain to the eye that the nervous fellow hadn’t seen the color green for quite some time. As he confronted the manager, his plea was, “Please, Señor, I have a family to support. Can’t you do something to help me?” With a sigh the manager replied, “I’m sorry, but unless you have enough for a down payment, I cannot give you any kind of loan. I wish it were different, but too many have been unable to pay the bank back.” The Spaniard’s face turned a sick-looking hue. “Tell me, Señor, how am I to do this, when I have no funds period!” With a wild gesture of his skinny hand, the Spaniard demanded an answer. With a sorrowful shake of the head, I heard the manager softly say, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. Next in line, please.” In the wake of the crying Spaniard, walked a handsome, fair-skinned fellow. Although well-aged, his outward appearance showed no signs of old age. For years, he had been a positive influence on this community of former wealth-holders. Even the richest of benefactors gave credit of their business savvy to the early example he had shown. A Greek by nature and nationality, his day had not come for quite some time. Therefore, he also was here among the beggars on this infamous day. I observed this selfsame Greek stand abruptly against the window, laying the cuffs of his worn sleeves on the counter before him. He spoke amiably to the manager, “Good Sir, do you recollect the time that I bailed you out during a hard time? Do you remember when I was who supported you and your family?” With his eyes facing the ground, the manager slowly nodded. “Then surely,” the Greek pleaded, “you can give me some much needed assistance, as I once did you.” “I’m sorry,” the manager replied with a choke, “but I can only hand out loans based on what you have or what you are doing now, not what you did in the past.” This sad scene proved all too emotional for both the observant audience and me. As disheartening as the first two scenes were, though, nothing could prepare the assembly (or me for that matter) for the scene which was about to come to life before our eyes. First, there came the whispers, “No!” I heard one person say. “It can’t be!” cried another man. “Surely not!” choked a third voice. Next came the parting of the crowd. Although I could well see the line dividing from the back towards the front, I could not tell who or what it was that caused such action. Whether all this was due to fear or respect I could not ascertain, until the figure emerged from the line of onlookers. It was Uncle Sam. Of all the famous businessmen seen in this bank, this was definitely the most unexpected. Born with a commanding presence, Uncle Sam had fought for his wealth and freedom from the very start. He had fought to separate himself from his employer, a man named King George, for a number of years. When he finally freed himself, he then set to work on building a healthy economy in his business. Through the…