Allegory In Young Goodman Brown

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Throughout our lives we might encounter challenges that might make or break us. These challenges are thrown at us to test our skills, faith or even knowledge. However, the challenge is not just to succeed, the challenge is to push ourselves to succeed on our missions throughout our lives. The test can be either to find ourselves and reconnect with God or the test of knowledge and experience in our life. The test that is in "young Goodman brown" is philosophical as it is an allegory of the fall of mankind in life. Furthermore religion can play a key role in allegories, as we experienced it in the story "Young Goodman Brown" where it talks about Goodman Brown setting off on a journey that is so important that it was bestowed upon him by God to test his faith. His journey commences when he walks into the woods which was called the "Devils Playground". Goodman Brown lost himself for a short period of time that he had to commit sins to recognise …show more content…
Connolly he focused on the "Attack of Puritanic Calvinism" in which Richard H.Fogel stated that "Hawthorn refused to constrain himself to a single doctrine and by proceeding on by indirection"(JSTOR:Attack on Puritanic Calvinism). This is experienced by Goodman Brown as he starts his journey to retain his faith. This indirection meant that it was not his to plan but it is like stating I will go where ever my heart takes me. Faith was his motivation as it was both for his religion and his wife, since faith had a double connotation in his life. Furthermore according to Gordon and Tate's "Hawthorn deals with the unhappiness due to the depravity of the heart"(JSTOR: Attack on Puritanic Calvinism) as it means the heart is corrupt and unhappy. This unhappiness is experienced by Goodman Brown as he is separated from his wife and he lost his innocence. Moreover, Young Goodman Brown while he was unhappy his heart was full of vices that he had to extinguish in order to gain back his