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Summary of Plato, The allegory of the Cave

As I read The Allegory of the Cave you can compare it to things that we go through as adults. As our lives progress over year, our upbringing can dictate for how we ultimately live our lives. It can mean that your family pronounced a word a certain way, that mean you may very well pronounce the word the same way. After getting feedback from classmates and analyzing this piece, I realize that Socrates messages were simple. Socrates way of thinking made not only enhanced the way Glaucon thought but also the way he saw things. Socrates lesson breaks down to four levels of intellect. Two levels which represents belief and the other two levels which represents knowledge. In the allegory of the cave we see that these prisoners had been in this cave since young. We find out that they are chain so that they are can have only room to see what is in front of them. One prisoner is free and introduced to new surroundings that seem to overwhelm him. He then tries to go back to inform the other prisoners but to no avail would they listen to the freed prisoner. This compares to my life and the life of many in a lot of ways. Growing up there has always been a set way. For most African American families when you kid got out of line you got a reprimanded. For most of us that could have been a beating. I say that to say that because of slave tactics that were used to keep our ancestors. These negative tactics was taught and in African American cases inherited to keep our children in line. I can’t say who was the first to use this method of reprimanding, but it wasn’t found affective until Caucasian people were seen using a different strategy. Which we as African Americans saw and said wait maybe beating our child, is not the correct way to teach them right from wrong. I always remember this