Allele and Expected Percentage Essay

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1. The arranging of the alleles in one progeny will not affect the other scion from the identical parents. The parents still have their genes, so most likely, they will have enough to provide for the other progeny.
2. The percentage of the first pattern of heredity is expected to be 75%T and 25%t. The genotype would be 25% homozygous dominant, 50% heterozygous dominant, and 25% homozygous recessive. The phenotype would be 3 to 1, 3 tall plants and 1 short plant. For the second pattern of heredity, the percentage is 50%T and 50%t. The genotype would be 50% homozygous dominant and 50% heterozygous dominant. The phenotype would be 4 tall plants which is 100% tall plants.
3. The percentages from class 1 is 80% and 20%. The expected percentage of class 2 is 75% and 25%, therefore they were not similar.
4. The percentages from class 1 results is 74% and 26%. The expected percentage of class 2 was 75% and 25%, therefore they were similar.
5. Since the expected results and our results were similar, I found that the pattern of heredity is trustworthy for any situation.
Punnett Squares for #2:



Conclusion: My claim is that desultory parent genes give more desultory genes for the progeny that are opted for. The desultory genes that were chosen for the offspring are following a common ratio. My hypothesis is supported because the desultory combinations led to unexpected pairs, however, followed a similar ratio to all other trials. My evidence is that the expected percentages were similar to the trials that I did and what the class had. My results is 80% and 20%, and the expected is 75% and 25%, which was similar in quantity. Similarly, the class results also had the same results, the expected is also 75% and 25%, and the class had conducted up to 74% and 26%. These trials would make the…