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The Frontline Experience

1. Why was nowhere safe during the Gallipoli campaign?

2. On May 6th the 2nd Battle of Krithia took place. After three days of fighting how many - • Yards were gained by the Allies? (1 yard = 0.9144 metres)

• Allied casualties?

• Turkish casualties?

3. Why was it so difficult to gain ground?

4. Why was there a serious lack of sufficient munitions and medical supplies?

5. What happened to the majority of Turks who went to Gallipoli?

6. Why did conditions in the trenches worsen as the weather warmed?

7. Many soldiers contracted crippling diseases such as jaundice, fevers, typhoid, cardiac disorders and dysentery. What caused these diseases to spread so rapidly?

8. What effect did these diseases have on the soldiers and their ability to fight?

9. May 16th saw the Turks launch an early attack on the Allies. By noon how many Allied and Turkish casualties were there? • Allied –

• Turkish –

10. After such fierce fighting the peninsula was littered with the dead. What effect did this have on the soldiers?

11. What happened on May 24th 1915?

12. Why did the battle move underground?

13. June 4th – July 12th at Hellas saw some of the bloodiest battles. How many Turkish and Allied casualties were there? • Allied

• Turkish

14. What disgusted the men the most and why?

15. What percentage of men had…