Allround And Allright Case Summary

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There are several situations facing the company as we continue to sell Allround and Allright. First, the situation that needs to be addressed for both brands is how to attract more customers and keep our current customers satisfied. Since the last period, customers were satisfied with Allround. However, some customers still prefer Besthelp and our challenge will be to convert these customers to our product by showing them the benefits of our product compared to Besthelp. Next, Allright is still new to the market and is not yet established so we need to continue to grow our product. The problem with obtaining new customers for Allright is they are having trouble finding the product due to the lack of shelf space. In addition, customers believe …show more content…
The past several periods have seen an inflation in the United States, which will lead to our company needing to raise the prices of our products to cover our expenses. In addition, both of the brands will need to be aware of inflation rates, as well as other macroenvironmental influences such as political changes, globalization, and technological changes.
Lastly, both brands need to be aware of the microenvironmental influences. There are two key influences that we need to be pay attention to in future. First, we need to continue to keep an eye on the our advertising budget compared to our competitors because we do not want to raise our expenses if competitors advertising budget is down. Next, we need to be aware of the amount of promotional and volume discounts offered to our customers because we want to give our customers a better deal than our competitors.
As we continue into the future, we need to allocate our sales force better to insure a greater profit. We would continue to keep a high sales force in grocery stores because they have seen a 4.3% increase in sales. Also, we would allocate the same amount of sales force to mass merchandisers since they have been our best selling point since we began selling our product in period