Allusion And Symbols In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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Sometimes when people ask”I wonder what they mean?” when they read a book or watch a movie,well this is going to help them figure out what they’re doing .The word’s that are used for this are symbolism,allusion,and allegory, symbolism is used as a way to describe or represent an object by using something else, an allegory is the entirety of the story containing little hidden meanings that you might not find unless you read again, the allusion is an indirect or passing reference, now that that’s out of the way, try take a look at three writing’s about “utopias”but know that there are some hidden meanings within them.

The first text shall is “2BRO2B” ,a world where there is no war,no disease,not even age , but within this text hides some
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In conclusion,the authors of Harrison Bergeron,The Lottery, and 2BRO2B all hide secrets within or some way to warn of what is to come, maybe to tell a story within a story, but the point of interest is not how will they do it, no instead look for why did they do it, why they hid it so well that it takes a keen eye to spot the truth,the answer is simple,to pull the reader in, to tell a better story, to keep the reader’s on their feet,the question is, what can they