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The Music Industry

The music industry is one of the main sources of income in our day and age. It offers a wide range of jobs for thousands of people. Music is one of the great boosts of our economy and serves as a great means of money. It has a great impact on our lives as it changes the way we thing about the adverts on the television, it has a great help on subconscious remembering, so when we hear that song we think of the film or advert. A record label is a trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. A record label can also be associated with the publishing companies, these can help coordinate the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, all of these help to enforce the rules of copyright, when all of this is put together the publisher and the record labels can maintain contracts with the artist and the managers. The term "record label" derives from the circular label in the centre of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer's name, along with other information.

The record label mixes in with the music industry, record labels are very beneficial to the artist because they help to broaden the consumer base which in turn helps to market their albums. Another great way of broadening the market and consumer base is to promote your music onto the radio or to publish it on to a software such as Itunes. Once this has been achieved you can begin to market some merchandise which in turn brings in more profit to you and into the economy. A lot of people use the internet as a source of getting there music and information so promoting your music onto Youtube or onto other social media would help to broaden your market audience.

Once the music has been marketed then can the artist start planning to go to concerts and festivals to try and get himself heard and showing themselves off to a live audience. Once the artist has done this then they can start getting their managers to plan gigs of their own and they can begin to play to a target audience, they are bringing in more and more profit. The artist will then start to play as starting acts before the main acts, getting themselves known more.

There are many types of concerts, an opera combines music with several other elements including costumes, stage design, singing and dancing. Most operas are sung, with no spoken lines. The music is either performed by a small group of musicians or a full orchestra. Music that has been pre-recorded may also be used. There are several types of opera, such as comic opera, also known as light opera. Band concert consists of musicians playing percussion and wind instruments, but other types of instruments may be added depending on the music piece.

An artist manager is in charge of the business side of being in a band. Often, band members are great at the creative side of things, but aren't so great at themselves, booking, or negotiating deals. In a very general sense, the task of a manager is take care of the day to day running of the band's career, so the band can focus on the creative side of things.

For an unsigned artist, the manager should be the mouthpiece of the band, making sure that everyone else involved in the band's career is doing their job and working hard to promote the band's success. For instance, the manager should be on the phone with the record labels, asking about advertising campaigns and then on the phone with agent asking about upcoming show opportunities.

Successful songwriters have a specific publishing company that they consistently use. The publishing company will also provide substantial advances against future income. In return, the publishing company receives a certain amount of money, which is a fair amount of money compared to the artists income, this can be as high as 50% this varies to the style of

music that is being produced. Publishers will also set up for the artist to be in commercials and certain ads