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Sunny Honey Oat Squares

Marketing Plan

MARK 5320.460
Advanced Marketing Fundamentals
Summer II 2013

Nikishia Allen
Jessica Crain
Matthew Hayden
Anthony Morris
Mehdi Rizvi

Executive Summary 3
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Product 4
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Executive Summary
The product being presented in this summary is Sunny’s Honey Oat Squares, an exciting new breakfast cereal that couples a number of healthy and tasteful ingredients such as honey, oats, acai berries and macadamia nuts, all while containing only 100 calories per serving. Sunny’s Honey Oat Squares has been created to appeal to healthy and active young to middle-aged females who require a convenient and healthy alternative to a traditional breakfast. While the market for healthy breakfast cereals is saturated with alternatives to Sunny’s Honey Oat Squares, when nutritional benefits, taste, convenience and ingredients are taken into account, analysis shows the offering is well positioned to penetrate the target market for which it was designed and compete with brands such as Kashi, Fiber One and Kellogg’s. Despite being priced in-line with competitors it is susceptible to changes in the economic situations of consumers because of its positioning in the higher end market. An aggressive television advertisement campaign has been formulated to accompany an initial launch of Sunny’s Honey Oat Squares in select markets, with a full rollout to follow. Longer term, sponsorships will be utilized as well to further increase brand awareness. The offering will be placed in stores such as Whole Foods and Central Market because the clientele these retailers attract will largely mirror the targeted market for the offering.

The product being presented in this marketing plan is Sunny’s Honey Oat Squares. Sunny is an exciting brand designed to appeal to women between the ages of 25 and 50 who are health conscious and always on the go. While Sunny may not have the scale of some cereal giants like Kellogg’s and General Mills, its unique taste and nutritious ingredients likely offer it a slice of the growing cereal and breakfast foods market. As the evaluation that follows clearly illustrates, we feel that more and more consumers will “choose the Sunny side for your day.”
Sunny’s Honey Oat Squares is an oat, soy and buckwheat based cereal, creating a wholesome whole oat blend low in fat and rich in fiber. The individual squares are enrobed in honey and sweetened with Stevia. The cereal contains acai berries and macadamia nuts and each serving only contains 100 calories. The cereal was designed to help promote a healthy lifestyle by using ingredients that pack several important nutritional benefits.
Oats were chosen as the key ingredient because they help lower bad cholesterol, control blood pressure and increase appetite-control hormones. Oats may also improve immune system defenses, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and boost the nutrition profile of gluten-free diets (10). Soy is a protein that is nutritionally complete; it contains all of the essential amino acids that help meet the body’s requirement and is low in saturated fat. Soy offers health benefits that may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers (11). Buckwheat is energizing and nutritious. This grain is good for the heart, helps control blood sugar, lowers the risk of diabetes and protects against breast cancer (7). Honey was used because the ingredient is a natural sweetener that helps boost the immune system and acts as a digestive aid (1). Stevia provides an extra natural sweetness with no additional calories and helps maintain a healthy balanced diet and aids in weight management goals (8). The cereal also contains macadamia nuts and acai berries for added flavor.