Essay about Alternative Dispute Resolution (Adr) Strategies Research Worksheet Resolving Employment Conflict

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Strategies Research Worksheet
Resolving employment Conflict

Topic : Alternative Dispute Resolution
Response to Topic A:

General Motors (Negotiation) ADR is generally classified into at least four types: negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration. In negotiation, participation is voluntary and there is no third party who facilitates the resolution process or imposes a resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution, para.7). In 2007 General Motors (GM), pressed union leaders in a meeting in Detroit for a deal on financing what was the centerpiece of the 2007 U.A.W. contract — a perpetual, G.M.-financed trust to cover health care costs of hundreds of
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In addition the team developed a communication plan to further assist in building a strong and lasting relationship with the community. As a result of the assertive efforts, the landowners agreed to sell and both sides appeared happy with the outcome (Finkle, 2009). Coastal Authority can become a more cohesive government by employing similar ADR processes. Coastal Authority has the opportunity to hire a skilled mediator to facilitate and assist stakeholders in resolving issues. A talented mediator can assist the organization in diagnosing the root cause of the problem, developing an effective negotiation process, establishing a solid binding agreement to meet stakeholders’ interest, and incorporating a follow-up process (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007).
Implementing mediation tactics will depict Coastal Authority as a solid organization that cares about the welfare of its employees and one capable of resolving issues in a prompt efficient manner.

Sony (Mediation)
The Coastal Authority organization faces many challenges including dissension among new management and employees. Coastal Authority’s county clerk’s policy has met opposition from a select group of workers, who believe the clerk’s policies discriminate against older workers. One particular disgruntled department head, Dennis Munger