Although Women Have The Same Rights As Men In The Society Nowadays Essay

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Although women have the same rights as men in the society nowadays, they are still not equal in some ways because I believe that is the laws of nature and we couldn’t go against it. For example, women still are the ones who stay home and take care of their children in the current world. However, there are still some special cases; men switch the position with women in some families but just a small number of it. Even though, I think the equality between men and women has been improved a lot from women were not allowed to work to they have the same opportunity as men. In the article “I want a Wife” by Judy Brady, the author shows us that how women were treated in unfairly in a family back in the 1970’s. Compare to the society today, it improves a lot and women have become one of the most important parts in a family but we can never expect men and women are completely equal.
Women and men basically play different roles in their family; women are usually doing housework at home and men are usually the household of the family. As we know, men and women are born different both physically and mentally but they are complementary in a family. Men are usually born to be powerful and women are born to be scrupulous that are why husband is the master of the house in most of the families. In the article “I Want a Wife”, the author lists all the responsibilities that women needed to do for their family back in the 1970’s. For example, cooking and taking care of children were their daily essential jobs, which are also the two things very common in today’s life because the society has been formed this way, which is the law of nature. We could never imagine a man take all kinds of the responsibilities at home because that is against the natural law. However, there are still some families that men are the ones who cook and take care of children instead of women at home. For example, the soccer super star, David Beckham, always be captured that he takes care of his children on the entertainment news and we usually see some men hugging their children on a train or bus. Also, the article mentioned that women were able to work in that time, but their husbands didn’t want their wives to…