Essay on Aluminium and Aluminium Foils Corners

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Fill the container about two-thirds with tap water and set a towel underneath the container in case water falls on the work surface.
Use a ruler to measure and cut a square of aluminum foil that is 25cm. Then fold the aluminum and make sure it’s equal when folding the aluminum foil.
Open the aluminum foil and cut the creased line using scissors.
Once there are two separate aluminum foil, mark both of the aluminium foils corners using a visible coloured marker preferably permit maker. Pick one of the aluminium foils to start with. Using your hands, pull the corners of the aluminium sheet that were marked visible while crumbling the aluminium foil into a loose ball that roughly has a diameter of 6 cm. (Use a ruler to verify the correct diameter for the aluminium ball.)
Now place the aluminium ball in the container, look at the ball at eye level and record the percentage of the ball which has gone underwater.
Before repeating steps 1-6, to avoid the aluminium ball filling up with water due to the some air pockets, shake it out.
Now crumple the same aluminium ball lightly, into a smaller size. Using a ruler to confirm the right diameter.
Repeat steps 6 -8.
Crumple the aluminium ball until it sinks or it’s too hard to squeeze into a smaller size. Repeat the procedure for the second sheet of aluminum foil.
Propose: Why do things float and others sink? Most people assume that the weight of the objects is the deciding factor of whether that