Aluminium and Charles Martin Hall Essay

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Alcoa’s Core Values in Practice
Antonella Andrews
BUS250: Corporate and Social Responsibility Robert Hamamoto
April 21, 2014

Alcoa’s Core Values in Practice In 1888, Alcoa was first known as the Pittsburgh Reduction Company. The company was established on technology created by the co-founder of Alcoa, Charles Martin Hall (Lawrence & Weber, 2011, pg. 119). In 1907 the name was changed to the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) and founded on an investment of 20,000 capitalization that Charles Martin Hall created from smelt bauxite ore known as aluminum. In fact, the company created a totally new set of aluminum-based solutions for the aerospace market that allowed air framers to build histrionically lighter and lower cost airplanes (Kleinfeld, 2012). The way that Alcoa’s ethical work climate was classified, was in a different cultural, civil and fiscal environments. The company inspired open communication and learning that every decision the employees made and everything they did should be associated with the company values (Lawrence & Weber, 2011, pg. 119). The Alcoa Company also had a global ethics and compliance, and health and safety programs with the essential elements detailed in the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guideline and Sarbanes – Oxley Act. Alcoa had an ethics and compliance officer who presented to the CEO of Alcoa and the board of directors the global code of conduct and the ongoing ethics and compliance training for every employee, making sure that all the employees understands the company value system and should be ongoing reinforcement by management (Lawrence & Weber, pg. 120). The ethical standards that was used by the company, was personal morals the company rules and the procedures professional global codes of conduct that was a top urgency to Paul O’Neill the CEO of Alcoa. Although, the Mexico manage raised profits and had a higher mark of value and satisfaction, Paul O’Neill took interest in the company value of safety and compliance. Alcoa make sure that all employees and manager of the company had enough education and resources that there was no reason for any misunderstanding or any kind of misconduct. The importance on safety was the primary priority to Alcoa’s management team (Kleinfeld, 2012). Alcoa management definitely believed that the employees working for