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Always will be loved
January 27, 1861 My name is Mary Kissimmee and I have three little girls, that are mine an my husband’s life an soul we live and die for them. My daughter’s names are Kristen Chloe and Emily they have always been begging to have fun and go on a little vacation. my husband and I had been planning to go camping with the kids for a while now but never had the chance to, we were always so busy with the farm an chores my husband is hard working man always trying to help around an at the same time work to put food on the table. One morning as I was washing the dishes I look out the kitchen window and I see my loving husband playing with the girls outside, but then I saw a horse by the gate. A young looking man got off that horse giving my husband a little paper as I was watching him I saw that beautiful smile turn into a frown. i knew something was wrong so I ran outside an told the girls to go inside as they were walking away I looked in his deprived eyes and asked him what was wrong he had told me “I’m leaving for war in the morning “and he just walked away as he left I fell to the floor devastated crying feeling as if the world was going to end. Waiting for the day to go by as I was just sitting in the shed and thinking about what might happen so worried and scared wondering if he would come back when the war was over. The next day came, as I woke up and turn to hug my husband he was already off to war I had no other choice than to just wait an take care of my kids an pray for him. My love was gone to war so it was like I was on my death bed laying there as time goes by and my girls didn’t think nothing of it because they are still so young and they didn’t know what was going on. The day flew by as if it was in seconds, I put my kids to bed and I lay down trying to fall asleep but all I see is my husband’s horrible pain in his eyes I finally fell asleep during the middle of the night I wake up screaming “GOD! God Darrell” crying tears of hurt pain “please gods make it go away”. Waiting day by day for his return months go by. February 30, 1861 all I hear is voices at this point I can’t do this on my own I’m going lose the farm I