Alzeheimers Revisions Notes Essay

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On the sufferer
On family members (Carer)
Forgetfulness and inability to remember key events, memories, places and procedures.
Upsetting seeing a loved one forget memorable events involving them and other family members.
Remembering to pay bills and organise money may be struggle or be forgotten, so debts are made
Family members may have to contribute towards the cost of care and take on financial organisation.
May have to put into a residential care home to ensure safety and care, meaning house may have to sold.
Feelings of neglect as the centre of the family becomes the sufferer of Alzheimer’s.
A persistent thought of knowing that the individual is likely to die within nine years of the disease first occurring.
The feeling of waiting for the sufferer to die, as Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease in all cases.
Going out will eventually become unachievable, which will cause isolation and loneliness.
The time given for care of the family member may over-ride social activity for the carers.
Poor co-ordination and movement will eventually occur in the middle stages of the disease.
May be embarrassed at unusual public behaviour from the sufferer as a result of forgetting behaviour.
House may have to be adapted to ensure safety is paramount, this could cost a considerable amount.
Upsetting as communication becomes a difficulty when the sufferer begins to forget language skills.
Once apraxia begins, tasks which were previously basic will be forgotten and disregarded.
Eventually help and support will be needed for all activities and day to day tasks.
Behavioural issues due to becoming unable to control