Alzheimer Paper

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Alzheimer Paper
Missy Schuntz
The following paper is based off of my personal reading and views of the Alzheimer’s website As I navigated the pages I first noticed the top ten warning signs that were frankly quite bothersome. It was nice to see so many available resources out there for all the various stages of the disease. Surprisingly these are not only for a person diagnosed with the disease, but for the families and caregivers as well. Contact information for helplines is readily available to the public. I was especially pleased to read about the support center where people can share and listen to others experiences. The tips on how to be a healthy and conscientious caregiver are interesting as well. Useful facts are clearly listed to help distinguish between the myths on both dementia and Alzheimer’s. At hand is also a link to contribute donations for advanced research to help end this awful battle. News coverage archives from popular television shows, news stations, and the Alzheimer’s Association are yet another resource full of information on this ailment. Another helpful aspect of this site is that people can look at the education and resource center to find job and volunteer opportunities. Finally, there is an events calendar that provides all the dates of upcoming fundraisers, galas, and conferences on this heavy topic. All of this informative material would be great to further educate healthcare providers, those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the public in general. I for one was not aware of everything I read about in regards to this illness. In a way it is a form of an advocate on the web. Early detection seems to be