Alzheimer's Walk Essay

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Alzheimer’s Walk

More than 2500 people showed up to the 15th annual Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday September the 7th. The one mile Alzheimer’s walk held right next to the Louisville Bats baseball field that went from 10:00am to 10:30am happens every year to raise money and awareness. 3015 dollars were raised with the help of over 250 fundraising teams. The Organizer of the event, Whitney Vogel said,
“The number one thing that we are raising money for is programs for people who directly are affected by Alzheimer’s disease.”
The program educates as well as gives money to families and individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The event was a volunteer derivative event with 117 Sigma Capa sorority volunteers from the University of Louisville and 20 paid and official staff members. The number of people that attended the Alzheimer’s walk went way up from last year. More than 5 million Americans today have Alzheimer’s disease, and 100 thousand in Kentucky. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th highest killing disease in America; in addition it has no cure.
“Alzheimer’s disease is getting more relevant, 1 in every 3 seniors in America has it.” Said Elizabeth Betts, Vogel’s counterpart.
“Alzheimer’s can affect anyone.”
Both Whitney and Elizabeth have been working with the Alzheimer’s Association for over a year. The Alzheimer’s Association raises more money I fundraisers than any other organization working to find a cure/ get awareness out about Alzheimer’s disease.
They are both on a committee that plans events like these. The committee has been working since January of last year on this project.
Betts said,
“I think the importance is getting awareness out there, to raise money.”
That was the goal of the whole project.
Vogal said,
“There are multiple people that I’m very close to that have Alzheimer’s disease.
People started coming in at 9:00am but the staff started setting everything up at 6:30. The whole grassy area was filled