Amarjit Singh Essay

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Amarjit Singh
David Epperson
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March 17, 2015
Future of Recreation In time everything advances in one way or another. Recreation today seems to be all about social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc… Back before the age of social media people would walk over to another individual’s house. From there the two would have conversations that would relieve them or maybe go out together and play some sports. What really changed though? We still do the same thing. The difference now is that we all get to do these activities quicker. Everything is far more organized and the gatherings of certain events can be quickly put together. It used to take quite some time for people to get others together for an event. Sometimes phone calls don’t make the cut and it gets tiring calling people over and over again and, on top of that one must explain the same thing consistently. Why not just make it simple and get a page on Facebook and send the invitations to selective friends or even the entire friend list. From there everyone can say whether they can make it or not and it is easier to be in contact. What’s even better is that one can put together an entire gathering that is open to the public to come in and party or dance together. For example, posting a public event page about a salsa dance gathering in the middle of St. Peters square at 11 o’clock. Its random but people will surely be able to see it and come join in. Another fine example of social media takeover is group chats. A lot of people have issues going to some clinics to talk about their experiences and really vent out. With social media one gets the opportunity to speak to an entire group with the comfort of being home. I mean there are video calls and other sources that can be used by facebook to have the best possible session without being face to face. I mean nothing beats the original but what if you couldn’t make it to that specific seminar? You could easily have someone contact you from the seminar and put you on cam in the facebook app. Its simple, reliable, and really convenient. Social media can also help with relationships. How often are you able to see as many people in the area that are looking to date and you know they want to? With social media you can literally have an account telling others that you are ready to date and matches will be either made for you or you get to select it for yourself. It’s amazing how simple it is to really connect with others and have a quicker opportunity to talk to other people and really get to go out and have a fun time. Easier to date, easier to meet, and easier to be happy. Social media does have its flaws