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Grace is not flamboyance. Grace is not political. Grace is not a hindrance. Grace is not unforgiving. Grace is mercy, finnese, and beauty. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell[a] in the house of the Lord forever. (Psalms 23:6) Grace is mercy because it was nothing but God that allowed me to get accepted into Hampton University. After taking the SAT four times and only boosting my score by maybe three or four points everytime, I was beginning to loss hope in my future educational endevours. I began rendering my sercive through dance in church service, paying my tyths and praying harder everytime I had a chance. It wasn’t until I sacrificed my Spring break to serve in my church’s family conference, that things began to shift and move for the better in my life. After service on the last day of the family confernce, I checked my inbox only to find my acceptance letter. Grace is finnese which is a divinely given talent or blessing. As a young six year old I was captivated by the skill and finesse used in liturgical dancing. A young lady came to my church to minister and sat there and watched as she moved with such grace and finesse. Her movements were a fluid continuous motion that flowed from her body to her garments. " But what we can do, as flawed as we are, is still see God in other people, and do our best to help them find their own grace. That's what I strive to do, that's what I pray to do