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When: 26th – 4th November
Flight: TG 917 (Suvarnabhumi Airport) Many of you may have heard of a country's signature, 'The land of smile'. Yes, it is the country that you are thinking of at the moment.
Thailand is a wonderful kingdom, featuring Bhuddist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai 'sea food delicacies'. Many visitors regard Thai food as some of the best in the world. Apart from the delicious spicy food, a relaxing Thai massage is the most wanted in the world. “The only word I can say is wow! Thailand was wonderful. I was stunned by the richness in their culture.” said an Italian tourist. Thailand features a modern capital “Bangkok”, a pastoral countryside, and friendly people. Take a boat trip along the Chao Phraya River and you will see the Temple of Dawn, along with many other temples and landmarks. A visit to The Grand Palace in Bangkok is an absolute must for anyone visiting Thailand’s capital city. This spectacular Palace is undoubtedly the city’s most famous landmark. Alternatively, you may wish to take a dinner cruise along the River in the evening, and take in the spectacular sights of Bangkok at night. Moving on to a marvelous nature scenery, Khaoyai is a province with lots of mountain. The best destination to stop is ChokChai farm; it is a tourism place, a steakhouse, as well as a production site for daily products.
For those of you who are interested in Shopping, Thailand has an abundance of shops and large