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Amazon Rainforest Assessment

Most Appropriate Development:
I believe that the most appropriate development is Shifting Cultivation, which is when tribes grow their crops on a patch of soil for 5 years and when the soil’s quality goes down and it loses all its nutrients they move onto another part of soil for 5 years, then when the other patch regains its quality they will move back to that patch. Shifting Cultivation is a sustainable way of life, because its not damaging anything for the future generation, its also good for the local tribes because they don’t have to use to much of their land, they just use one or two small areas and use it over and over again for their crops, its good for the environment too as its not using a lot of space, so there’s no need to cut down massive sections of the rainforests trees.
Although it doesn’t help Brazil become richer, In my opinion its still an appropriate development because it helps the plants, trees and animals as they wont be destroying there habitats, and they wont be cutting down any trees for the shifting cultivation development.
This development doesn’t make a very big impact on the local people of the forest because it’s not changing their way of life or wasting any parts of the rainforest.

Rubber Tapping is another appropriate development because it doesn’t do any harm to the environment to use it. Its good for the tribes as they can earn money from collecting the sap from the trees with the rubber tapper, it doesn’t wreck their home in the process and it helps the environment too because you don’t need to cut down any tree’s which means more oxygen being produced.
Its also good because it makes Brazil richer, and the animals, tree’s and plants don’t get harmed either, and its sustainable which is good too, but most Rubber tappers are being destroys by cattle ranches, miners and dams so Rubber Tappers may not be in use for much longer.

The rubber tappers would agree with me because they could start putting more up, as tribes would know it doesn’t harm there way of life, and The Indians would agree with my idea too because they wouldn’t have to worry about suing to much land, and they would still get their crops, in a sustainable way.
Most Inappropriate Development:
I believe that the most inappropriate development is Gold mining because its harming local tribes and the environment, as it poisons the river and kills the animals if they drink or live in it, and it can also kill tribes, it poisons