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Amazon Rainforest Rosen Pierre Mrs.Reagen period: 3/4a 12/27/14

Amazon Rainforest is one of the largest rainforest in the world there are many different exotic species in the forest. They are sixteen main species that take up most of the rainforest. They are the spider monkey, golden lion tamarin, sloth, Giant anteater, Giant river otter, capybara, Amazon manatee, toucan, macaw, pink river dolphin, electric eel, piranha, black caiman, anaconda, jaguar, and poison arrow frog.
They are all different species that make a big impact on the forest.
The spider monkey- in habits the canopy of the rainforest eating fruits seeds and leaves, it can grow up to two feet tall. Giant Anteater- two-foot long tongue, anteater can sallow ants and termites very fast. An adult can grow up to eight feet long weigh one hundred forty pounds.
Giant River otter-highly endangered species of the Amazon River it can grow up to six feet long. Biggest of its kind in the world, the giant river otter eats mostly fish small reptiles and birds. Capybara- biggest rodent on earth, the capybara is about two feet tall and weight one hundred pounds. Lives and sleeps in water keeping its nostrils above water, eats grass melons and squashes. Amazonian manta- the largest of all marine mammals found in the Amazon River. Lives in deep water eat aquatic plants and small fishes. Toucan- short, thick neck. Its large and colorful beak distinguishes the toucan. It can grow from seven inches to over two feet. Macaw- largest of the parrot family the macaw has a sharp hooked beak ideal for eating nuts fruits and seeds. Pink river dolphin- in my opinion one of the most beautiful animals in the rainforest. The pink river dolphin is on the verge of extinction. Electric eel- a type of fish not an eel it can grow up to eight feet long sixty pounds, they are omnivores that eat other fish, amphibians, birds and mammals. Pirannaha- the most feared creatures in the Amazon River it has a powerful jaw and razor like triangular teeth that can shred flesh from bone in seconds. Black Caiman- the largest predator in the Amazon River. It has no enemies other than man and can eat from piranha. It can grow to twenty feet reach up to three thousand pounds. Anaconda- snake grows throughout its entire life reaching up twenty-one feet long. It will squeeze its prey until cannot breathe then sallow it without chewing, it will take one week or more to digest. Jaguar- one of the most dangerous animal in the rain forest in my opinion excellent hunter able to swim after piracura or turtles climb trees or run after its prey.
Poison arrow frog- very small in size but poinious enough to kill up to one hundred people. It has the most powerful poison known to man.
The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Over half of the Amazon rain forest is located in Brazil but is located other South America countries including purue, Venezuela, Ecuador, Columbia, gutannia, Bolivia, Suriname and French guinea. 10% percent of the worlds known species live in the Amazon forest 20% of the world birds species live in the forest. It is home to around two and a half million different species as we as over forty thousand plant species.
There are also a number or dangerous species living in the Amazon rainforest such as the cougar,