Amazon Rainforest

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The Amazon, famous for its immense biodiversity, is the world’s largest tropical rainforest in the whole world. Its rainforest area covers 1.4 billion acres. It is the home to millions of species of plants and animals (“Amazon Rainforest Facts”). It holds 30% of the world’s water supply, metals, and minerals (Kurian). The protection of the Amazon is an unsolved matter. Exploitation of the Amazon rainforest has both a positive and negative impact on the Indigenous people, ecosystem, and climate, due to the deforestation.
For instance, deforestation is the clearing of land by clear-cutting or burning. It has a positive effect on the Amazon’s Indigenous people and on the whole world’s population. The population in South America is growing
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This affects the entire Indigenous community, ecosystem, and the world’s climate. According to James Alcock, a professor at Pennsylvania State University, poverty, population growth, greed, and lack of forethought have been the greatest threats to the Amazon (Purdy). Deforestation is the first step into turning nature’s wilderness into buildings, homes, or shopping centers. Trees are a necessary component of the water cycle. They return water vapor into the atmosphere and keep the soil humid by preventing the sun’s heat from evaporating the water. Flora produces oxygen that every living thing needs in order to live. The Amazon produces 20% of the oxygen we need. This is the reason the Amazon is called the “Lungs of the Planet.” Without it, noting can survive (“Rainforest Foundation US”). Trees absorb and store the carbon dioxide that promotes global warming when released. Because of deforestation more than 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide have been released into the atmosphere, causing climate changes all over the world (Wallace). Rainforests are important to our survival. Deforestation is destroying flora and entire habitats. Deforestation threatens the ecosystem of this natural treasure along with the benefits the rain forests …show more content…
Deforestation has brought new homes and medicines to people, but it has also caused damage. The trees in the Amazon keep the world safe with clean air, and a stable climate. When they are cut down, the world is eventually in trouble, when done with greed, deforestation causes a dramatic effect on the world. People are changing the land and upsetting the balance of the forest. Therefore, Indigenous people, the ecosystem, and climate are all affected