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-Standard delivery would take anywhere between 2-5 business days with most being delivered in 2-3
-Expedited delivery would take anywhere between 1-3 business days with most being delivered in 1-2
-Amazon drones are hoping to ship your item to you within 30 minutes, if you are within a 10 mile radius of one of their distribution centers

-Amazon, according to their 2013 annual report, spent $6.64B (avg. of $8 per product) in shipping cost, while they brought in $3.54B in shipping revenue. This means that amazon lost $3.1BILLION on just shipping products to customers alone.
-If Amazon starts using drones to deliver their products, they are predicting that they will be able to cut their shipping cost per item from $8 to $2. Thats nearly $5 billion that they would save. That is a huge amount of money that they would potentially be able to save.

-Amazon has already started to test some drone delivery in India. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, spent $2 billion to get it started over they.
-Amazon and some other companies did a study and found that 20-25% of the time people were more willing to order a product online since it had same-day delivery. That would bring in tons of cash for amazon.
-DHL has also started to use drones in delivery over in Germany. They deliver medicine and urgent medical supplies to a local island that can only be reached by aircraft and ferry because it is a car free zone. They have seen some problems though. On 10 flights that DHL ran 3 of them were not able to go because of weather. So weather could play a significant role in drone usage for Amazon.
-Another huge factor that Amazon would have to consider is that of safety and security of the products they are delivering. There are a lot of criminals that would come up with ways to steal a drone and/or your product. The university of Texas, with just $1000 worth of materials, were able to take over and…