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What are your organization’s differentiating factors that set it apart from its competitors or other organizations?
As previously mentioned in past personal applications, my current work organization falls under the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, a subordinate of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. It primary purpose is to develop tools and processes to determine, assess and prevent adverse health effects from environmental, psychological and physiological exposures. Also mentioned previously, because we are a research institution, we would like to say that do not strive through competition but rather collaboration for the greater good and to protect ours soldiers. With that said however, there are few differentiating factors that sets us apart from other organizations. First, we are government owed and therefore primarily funded by the government. This makes us non-profit. Our upper managements are mostly active duty military, which indicates and ensures that those who are passionate about the operation guide the mission and goal of the institution.

How does your organization communicate these factors to customers, employees and other stakeholders?
As a research institution, our way of advertising our service/product, our research, is by attending as many talks, conferences, and symposium as possible. This gives us the opportunities of showcase our research and attract potential collaborators. Research collaboration is