Management Information System Of Walmart

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I chose Wal-Mart for my organization. The first system that I found that they utilize is the TPS or transaction process system. The TPS “automates routine and repetitive tasks important to the operations of Wal-Mart.’ (blogspot 2006) These tasks are operations like point of sale, preparing payroll, and billing customers. What is input in is raw data. It is then summarized and recorded and merged. Then it is put out as a report. A prime example of this is point of sale because they use electronic scanning of the uniform product code or UPC, which ensures correct pricing and improves their efficiency, lessens shrinkage, and improves their communication. This communication is mostly because this also uses a satellite communication system that allow data to be collected and analyzed so that they can watch merchandise flow, overstock, and discounts. This system also sends video transmissions, credit card authorizations, and helps with inventory control.
The next system I regularly used actually is based on information from the TPS. That is the management information system or MIS. The MIS provides the actual performance report for Wal-Mart. This is used by middle management.
A third system that I found very interesting is the decision support system or DSS. The DSS is basically a system to help create a symbiotic relationship between suppliers and retailers and to help the actual stores to make better decisions regarding stocking and marketing. Strategic DSS include sale data warehouse and retail links that consolidate data into very helpful and useful reports that they distribute to suppliers to get the right merchandise