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Education is ever changing and what worked years ago do not work with today’s children. Today’s children require more hands on learning and we know more about how children learn now. Teachers have to be more innovative while trying to grasp the attention of however many students may be in the room. There have been many programs that have obviously failed the students because they would still be around today. There are many different strategies that teachers can utilize, especially with using the Internet as a resource. One of the resources one can use to help students develop a deep understanding of basic mathematical operations is the TouchMath program. TouchMath uses touch points to teach each digit. Students learn to connect digits with values. This program works well for kids that are kinesthetic learners because they physically touch the numbers. TouchMath teaches operations by linking it to either counting backward or forward (TouchMath, 2013). Another resource one can use in the classroom is games. Various examples of games can include order of operation Millionaire game, around the world, math bingo, board games, scavenger games, card games, and math puzzles. Each game can be tailored for the students in the class based on ability level. If the game that is chosen is a group game then the teacher can choose the groups or have varying questions for the groups to answer. These types of games are great for review to practice the concepts that were learned. Students need many chances to use the concepts they learned. Many of the games can be tailored to the different learning abilities found in the classroom such as kinesthetic, visual, and audio. The teacher can also divide up the students based on their learning ability and have specific games for the students to practice. The classroom isn’t meant to be the same for everyone because we are all unique and require different support. Teachers have to be very flexible to meet the demands of all the students, which is crucial for the success of ALL students. Another resource one can use in the classroom is the base 10 system for counting. Students should learn how to count based on this system because they follow a pattern. If students start off learning the pattern and seeing how numbers are represented numerically and they hear the pattern, they will likely understand what numbers are. Students need to understand how numbers work before they can begin to use them in