Writing An Assignment And Thinking

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The human body is constantly growing and regenerating billions of new cells every second. Biologically, humans cannot help but absorb the information around them and the information given to them; this interaction among sources is how we are naturally designed to do. Since we as a society have produced an understanding that civilization means structure, whether it is the hierarchy of life or laws, our body has adapted to believing that everything needs structure. People have been taught from early ages that nothing is ambiguous. There is always a process to follow or an answer to get to. Even in the educational world, students expect assignments with a description of what the expectations are and the questions to answer. This makes complete sense, because that is how we have been taught from day one. This, however, lacks freedom of thought for those who desire to perform based on their own perspectives and ideas. There are differences between finishing an assignment and thinking about the answer of the assignment. It is easy for students to see a problem and write down an answer for it. All you have to do is look at the problem and answer the problem, but those who analyze and trace the steps to the answer are the ones who gain an insight of intelligence. This is done by the refinement of sharpening an understanding of how the answer is produced. People overlook the importance of discovering what answers are to a problem and go straight to mechanically putting down a mainstream answer. Students who use their own ideas and look at the problem based on their own perspective will enhance a better understanding of the answer. Not everyone think alike. The differences among nationalities, cultures, and beliefs are extraordinary. People, especially in the United States, rank among the most diverse in the world. Americans are known for this diversity and attract millions of people for this unique characteristic. In hip-hop culture, while Japan is known for precision, United States is known for originality and powerful routines. This uniqueness comes from free thought, which creates the ability for Americans to come up with the best ideas in the world of hip-hop dance. If free thought creates originality among hip hop dances, then thinking on your own in any given assignment will give originality to the assignment. This originality is learning from your own perspective by discovering your own ideas and applying them to vague assignments. Although an individual may complain that the ideas you are making are not necessarily right in their viewpoint, the ideas that you make are not wrong, because they are ideas that you