Ambition: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Judy Jones Essay

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Ambition In the story Winter Dreams, F. Scott Fitzgerald develops the theme of ambition through the desire that Dexter Green has for Judy Jones. Dexter was looking for Judy Jones, admiring the way that she smiles, and how the fact that the corners of her mouth drooped in such a sway that brought her closer to him. She was looking into his eyes in which he began to become nervous. A part in the story says, “It did not take him many hours to decide that he had wanted Judy Jones ever since he was a proud, desirous boy.” Since the very first day that he has met her, he knew that he liked her and that he was sure she was the one that he wanted. Once Dexter made that decision, he was sure he wanted to stick with it. To him, it was love at first sight. He seemed to think that earlier in his and Judy’s friendship, there was a deep and spontaneous attraction between them, in which he thought that she felt the same way too. But after spending those long nights with her, he wondered why he hadn’t become engaged to her yet. Another quote is, “It was during those 3 days that for the first time, he had asked her to marry him.” Through the character Dexter, Fitzgerald is explaining that it only took him 3 days to fall in love with Judy and to realize that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. Judy was the first girl that Dexter had ever asked this question to. When Dexter is thinking about the night when he had a conversation with Judy, he’s never seen her be so vulnerable like that before. Lastly, another quote is, “He loved her, and he would love…