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Ambrose 1
Marnisha Ambrose
March 21, 2015
English 1010
Ms. Flangain
Essay 3 The Delusion of Sexual Appeal In our society today we have commercials with sexual appeal to trick people into buying products every day. In this modern day world advertisements use sex and an ideal person to capture the attention of the audience. Advertisements were created to make us think that we have to look a certain way for us to feel good about ourselves. “Advertising Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles pointed out that the need for sex and attention are the two top basic appeals in which television watchers don’t realize they are being deluded by the commercials. Jeffrey Schrank’s article “The Language of Advertising Claims” has ten claims that advertisers use to make the consumers purchase a certain products to feel sexy and appealing to the opposite sex. Schrank’s Weasel Claim is the most used method that companies use to delude the people who watch these advertisement to buy certain products. In the Nike Women magazine, the advertisement for Nike clothing, has a caption talking about the woman’s behind ending with the logo in the right side of the page. There is a woman on the left side of the page, wearing Nike sports wear looking down at her feet which were

Ambrose 2 sporting Nike running shoes. She is wearing a sports bra with some short shorts with a hair band with some wrist bands and her hair was in a fishtail braid. According to Advertising Fifteen Basic Appeals this ad represents the need for sex. The woman has on very provoking clothes that shows a lot of skin and the shorts are so short that they are showing the bottom of her booty next to the caption that talks about her booty. Naturally this ad captures the attention of males and females because males will be attracted to the young woman’s body and the females because they feel like that by wearing these clothes that they will be sexy and attract the attention of the opposite sex. In turn the Durex Play ad is very similar to the Nike ad, the Durex Play also uses the need for sex to sell their products. The advertisement picture has a female and male laying in a bed. They are positioned on the right side of the page with the woman on the bottom and the man on top her holding her hands. The Durex Play product is featured on the right side of the page with the words in bold “No More faking it” right above it. The background is pink which clearly indicates that this product is for women. “Advertising Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Fowles this ad would strongly indicates the need for sex and attention. The way that the man and woman is positioned, looking at each other, and the way that they are showing certain parts of their body are ways of showing that there is a strong need for attracting the opposite sex. This ad is clearly trying to delude the consumer into buying their product, so he or she can attract a male or female partner. The achievement is the make the consumer feel like if they use this product they will look and feel good as the people do in the advertisement. Another example of this is Infusium 23 advertisement for the new improve hair color that also supports the need for sex and attention. In

Ambrose 3
The ad in the background there is an office setting with a male and female sitting at a table with papers