Essay On Relative Truth

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Nov. 26 2013
Absolute vs. Relative Truth
In “What if I don’t need God?” by Ravi Zacharias and “Twisted Truth” by Andy Stanley, they have been discussed a lot about absolute and relative truth. There are also things that are relative, but if everything were relative then it would be absolutely true that everything is relative, and that would be self-refuting. So saying that everything is relative can’t be true. Likewise, if everything were absolutely true, then we couldn’t have such things as personal preferences or things that change. Relative truths can be things dependent upon each person. People should think in different ways so that we can know the truth more deeply and directly. There are many comments related to the need for God existence of God as related to reality.
After I watched the videos, I was moved by a lot of stuff. First, everyone needs forgiveness. No matter how much sin you have, Jesus still can forgive everyone because it’s the biggest kindness that you can repent. Actually it let me think in a different way in some ways because sometimes I really can’t forget people who hurt me a lot. Now, if I think in another way, they are not nice to me maybe because something surrender them is not doing very well. We should forgive them first and pray for them. Be nice to everyone is the way to forgive. I would influence others for against the need for absolute truth as a foundational component of society because I have changed my way to treat people who are not being nice to me.
Second, everyone is not a beggar. Jesus Christ would love to give us his amazing grace. We do not beg for the peace. He rose to offer us eternal hope which can reflect the value of eternal. All he did is for us to be better. We would love to receive Jesus’s grace and also he would love to give. The relationship with Jesus is active. Everybody is a sinner. Sometimes we cannot realize what we did is not just a mistake. The mistake can be corrected but we cannot